Infrastructure Solutions- On Premises

Many organizations are investing in on-premise infrastructure as they want data governance and compliance on-premise infrastructure allows Complete control over for data, hardware and software platforms. also helps the organization to make a decision for the configuration, the upgrades, and system changes.

The organization with on-premise systems are do not rely on external factors or internet connectivity hence It is ideal for workloads requiring high performance, low latency storage i.e., server and desktop virtualization and database applications.

SPIT Solutions offers the following services in on-premise Infrastructure solutions.

Data Center Set up

  • Providing expertise in implementing new infrastructure along with relevant changes in business processes.
  • Consultation for a location of the server room and network cabling.
  • Guidance in data center migration for deploying and transferring an existing data center environment to another in minimum downtime.
  • Service support for software integrations and training.
  • Hybrid Set upconversion for Datacenter.

Infrastructure Rental Service

SPIT offers cost-effective rental services for IT infrastructure components. This service enables organizations to focus on their core business activity and offer minimum investment to the IT infrastructure investment with modern technology.

SP IT gives various plans suitable as per client requirements and their commitment, Components of our Infrastructure rental services are:

  • Desktop / Laptop / MacBook
  • Server / Storage
  • Routers / Switches on Rent
  • Firewall on Rent
  • Wi Fi Solutions on Rent

Network Components

SP IT Solutions offer every single component of network as per requirement of organisations at effective cost, Some of Network components and partners are as follows:

  • Switches: Cisco, D-Link
  • Routers: Cisco, D-Link
  • Access point: Ruckus, HP-Aruba
  • Servers: HP, Dell, Lenovo

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